EOS Tribe Offers New Account Form

EOS Tribe is proud to present New Account form that simplifies onboarding of new users:

We have combined in one process generation of different owner and active private keys and creating sidechain accounts in addition to main EOS account:

Needless …

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KIBISIS Wallet adds support for Meet.One chain

We are pleased to announce that Kibisis wallet now support Meet.One sidechain accounts.

You can now import your Meet.One account into your Kibisis wallet along with your EOS, BOS, Worbli or Telos accounts.

Kibisis wallet is designed to provide simple…

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Kibisis Wallet Update – June 2019

EOS Tribe is proud to announce a recent security update to Kibisis wallet now available on Apple Store: https://kibisis.ch/

Kibisis wallet supports importing existing accounts on EOS / Worbli / Telos and BOS Blockchains.

Some of the functionality …

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EOS Tribe open source swift-ecc library

## EOS Tribe releases into open source swift-ecc library used to generate EOS key pairs and sign transactions implemented in native Swift language:

#### Source https://github.com/EOSTribe/swift-ecc

#### We have invested significant resources into …

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EOS Tribe announces partnership with StrongBlock

## EOS TRIBE is partnering with Strong Block among other BPs to build enterprise-grade blockchains easy for anyone to configure, run and build applications.

### Read more at:

Connect with us! We’re building a…

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Kibisis Wallet now available on App Store

Kibisis is a user friendly iPhone Wallet (EOSIO) with the following functionality supported in it’s first release:
1. Transfer coins
2. Transactions History
3. Stake/Unstake resources
4. Vote for Block Producer
5. Token Balances
6. Lease EOS on Chint…

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“Torus” Wallet renamed to “Kibisis” Wallet

In order to avoid confusion of general “Torus” name with other projects under the same name in EOS community – we have made decision to rebrand our wallet under a name of the “Kibisis” – a Swiss company releasing the wallet.

The release version of …

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EOS Tribe Supports DAPP Network

EOS Tribe proud to announce that it’s support of [DAPP Network](https://liquidapps.io/) by becoming DAPP Service Provider (DSP). DAPP Network has been developed by LiquidApps from the founders of LiquidEOS: https://www.liquideos.com/ as a more econom…

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Introducing self-hosted EOS API Proxy service

#### We at EOS Tribe realize a need for EOS related web projects to call back to it’s own server to satisfy strict CORS requirements across all browsers.

#### We have implemented for our own needs a full API proxy service that provides mirror endpo…

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EOS Tribe adds James Elegante as Legal Counsel

#### EOS Tribe realizes a need to navigate ever changing and complex legal environment in order to survive and continue to innovate as an International Blockchain company.
We are adding to our team James Elegante as a Legal Counsel to help us nav…

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