Let’s celebrate EOS — and make it a tradition!

The second annual EOSIO BP Summit will be welcoming community members from across the world in California. Let’s celebrate the one year anniversary of EOSIO — and make it a tradition!

We’re happy to help @EOS42 and @EOSSV on the EOS BP summit days a…

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Hyperion History API Solution

History API is arguably the most pressing issue on EOS Main Net for a few months now. dApps, block explorers, and wallets must consult historical information to work properly, and running a full history on EOS Main Net became expensive, complex and …

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Say hello to Fresh votes bot :)

Did you know that as time passes, your voting power on the EOS platform decays? Therefore, if you want to vote with your full power, it’s important to update your votes often. In fact, the total voting decay on EOS now close to 9% which is much highe…

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How to proxy your vote using SimplEOS 0.7.2

EOS Rio team is working hard on the 0.7.3, but you can already use SimplEOS for proxy voting. It is quite simple, just follows these steps:

1- Go to “Contracts” section and search for “eosio”. Click on it.

2- Choose “voteproducer” on the contract a…

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SimplEOS v0.7.2 – What’s new ?

Earlier this month we released SimplEOS version 0.7.2

### Download SimplEOS on our [GitHub](https://github.com/eosrio/simpleos/releases/tag/v0.7.2) or website https://eosrio.io/simpleos/

.exe for windows
.dmg for mac
.appImage or .deb f…

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Building the EOS community in Brazil

At EOS Rio, our vision is to maintain a secure, robust and scalable EOS mainnet, build tools to empower our community and grow EOS adoption through education and business development.

Our team is based in Brazil, the biggest country in Latin America…

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EOS Rio goes green \o/

EOS Rio joins the sustainable movement created by @eosauthority for a carbon neutral EOS Blockchain. This initiative is a collaboration with ClimateCare, a certified B corporation.

53 Block Producers already joined this movement. It aims to offset t…

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EOS Rio Price Oracle is now avaliable \o/

We’re happy to announce the EOS Rio Price Oracle, a service that can help EOS developers get information about exchange rates of different cryptocurrencies.

During our last hackathon, FamilyEOS, a cool project that aims to help poor families in Vene…

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### We sincerely thank Starteos @starteos for helping to bring this initiative to the Chinese community!
### 我们诚挚地感谢Starteos协助将这一倡议带到中国社区!

自从EOS主网启动以来,许多使用以太坊地址的人都没有为他们的ERC-20 EOS token作映射。 目前总共有19,587个钱包处于没有进行正确映射&没有经过回退机制的状态,未映射EOS数量总计达到3,301,220.36…

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SimplyReg – saving the unregistered EOS accounts!

Since the EOS mainnet launch, many people who had an Ethereum address didn’t register their ERC-20 EOS tokens. In total, there are **19,587 wallets** that have not registered their EOS correctly & were not in the fallback, summing up to **3,301,220….

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