InfStones Bi-weekly Report #1

Welcome to InfStones’ first bi-weekly report. We’ve made good progress during the past two weeks. Now let’s take a look at the details.
Staking updates:
1 . Partnered with Poloniex, providing staking service for ATOM staking

Partnered with Circle, In…

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InfStones Launches Mobile Voting Revenue Management Product “Infinity Pool”, Offering Monthlong 100% Profit Return

With the continuous development of the PoS staking economy, more and more investors have begun to stake their cryptocurrency to gain staking revenue. The new consensus mechanism has brought about a simpler mining method, but problems also come: Ho…

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Dive Into IRISnet: Powering Cross-Chain Business

IRISnet is a blockchain network designed to build a foundation for next-generation distributed business applications. As named after Iris, the Greek goddess and faithful messenger between heaven and humanity, IRISnet enables cross-chain interoperabilit…

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Theta: Decentralized Streaming Platform

As video streaming accounting for an increasing part of Internet traffic today, how to delivery videos with high streaming quality and low costs becomes a big challenge for the industry. Through building an innovative peer-to-peer delivery protocol wit…

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Analysis of Dash Blockchain

1. Consensus and Governance
Dash is an open-source cryptocurrency, and an altcoin forked from the Bitcoin protocol. Inherited from the original blockchain network, miners secure the blockchain through Proof of Work (PoW). The important ad…

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Exciting Partnership Announcement for Infinity Stones & IoTeX

Infinity Stones is thrilled to announce that a partnership with IoTeX: an interoperable, auto-scalable, privacy-centric blockchain platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). As we continue to expand our footprint in the blockchain industry, Infinity Stones is working to bring together the best partners and utilizing our expertise to advance the blockchain technology.

IoTeX aims to bring autonomous device coordination to the masses by “connecting the physical world, block by block”. Its team implemented an innovative blockchain-in-blockchain architecture combined with fast and robust Roll-DPoS consensus algorithm and lightweight privacy-preserving technologies to address the challenges in the IoT space.

As a technical partner of IoTeX, Infinity Stones will participate in the Delegates Program and run consensus on behalf of the network. We have extensive experience hosting DPoS/PoS nodes on various blockchains and have set up the appropriate infrastructure to support the IoTeX platform. We appreciate the confidence IoTeX foundation has placed in us; we will do our best to provide technical assistance to the community as a Consensus Delegate. Learn more on our delegate webpage here.

This partnership strategically aligns with Infinity Stones’ focus on providing secured and highly available infrastructure for Blockchain while strengthening our technologies and growing business. We are excited about the opportunity and look forward to working with IoTeX and their fantastic team.

About Infinity Stones

Infinity Stones a Silicon Valley based technology company, providing cloud management services and security solutions for Blockchains.

Twitter: twitter.com/infstones

Telegram: t.me/infstones

Facebook: facebook.com/infinity.stones.12327

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Analysis of NuCypher Economics

NuCypher is a decentralized blockchain privacy layer that functions as a key management system. It allows users to share private data on public networks securely and scalable, through the power of Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE).
Traditionally, sharing …

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Cosmos: the Internet of Blockchains

Cosmos, being developed by the Interchain Foundation (ICF), is a decentralized network of parallel blockchains. ICF has a strong focus on developing a scalable system to improve the interoperability between different blockchains, essentially c…

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Overview of Tezos’ Economics Model

When it comes to ICOs, few projects have seen more hype than Tezos. In 2017, its two-week ICO raised US $232 million in bitcoins and ether tokens. It is the second largest in ICO history. The project attracted such attention because the developmen…

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Tezos Delegation Guide

Before getting to the delegation process, we need know that there are two different types of accounts on Tezos blockchain: implicit account and originated account. These two types of accounts can be easily distinguished by their address patterns. The implicit accounts’ addresses start with “tz”, while the originated accounts’ addresses start with “KT”. The implicit accounts are free to create, and are able to participate in baking once registered, but are not allowed to perform delegation actions. The originated accounts will cost a small fee (roughly 0.257 tezos) to create, and can only participate in delegation but not baking

Now, let’s take a look at how to delegate to bakers using TezBox.

Step 1: Please visit TezBox and access your wallet

If your wallet is new, you may not delegate yet. As seen above, when you click the “DELEGATE” button, an error message will appear as this wallet only has an “implicit address” that starts with “tz”.

In order to create an originated account, please transfer some XTZ to the wallet you have created.  When you have enough balance, click “ADD ACCOUNT” on the left to create an originated account for delegation. The creation of an originated account will cost roughly 0.257 XTZ. This fee is charged by Tezos blockchain.

Step 2: Click “Yes” on the pop-up window to continue, you will be charged ~0.257 XTZ

Step 3: Your originated account has been created, please wait a few minutes for it to be added to the blockchain.

Please only proceed to step 4 when the warning message has disappeared and your originated account (ACCOUNT 1 in the example) has been added to the blockchain.

Step 4: Transfer balance from the Main account (implicit account) with “tz” address to the new account (originated account) with “KT” address.

In the main account page, click the “SEND” button. Copy your originated account’s “KT” address and paste it in the “To address” box. Specify the amount of XTZ you want to send and click the “SEND” button at the bottom of the page. The transfer will take a few minutes.

Step 5: Delegate

Once the transfer is completed, go back to the originated account with “KT” address and click on the “DELEGATE” button. Choose “custom” from the drop-down menu and input your baker’s delegation address.

Step 6: Click “OK” on the pop-up window.

Step 7: Check your delegation on TzScan.

Search for your account with “KT” address on TzScan and click on the “Delegations” tab. You should see the delegation you just made. It may take a few minutes for delegation result to show.

About Infinity Stones

Infinity Stones is a professional node hosting service provider with a proven track record in the industry. Our team is composed of senior engineers, team leads, management experts from tech giants like Google, Oracle, and Intel. Our experience in successfully managing systems with a large number of clusters enabled us to build infrastructure with the highest level of availability and cyber security. Our system setup guarantees the 24/7 running of the baking service. We appreciate your interests in delegating your Tezzies to us. Our delegation address is:

We are over-delegated at the moment, thank you for trusting us!

Connect with Us

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infstones 
Telegram: https://t.me/infstones 
Facebook: https://facebook.com/infinity.stones.12327
Medium: https://medium.com/infinity-stones

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