EOS Beijing Supports the EOS Alliance

EOS Beijing is proud to announce that we have put our support behind the formation of the EOS Alliance.

Below is a shared statement issued by Block Producers and Block Producer Candidates who support the formation of the EOS Alliance.

The EOS Mainn…

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EOS Beijing Ownership Disclosure

EOS Beijing Ownership Disclosure

1. The background of the establishment of EOS Beijing
With the end of the EOS crowdsale the EOS community’s attention has shifted from acquiring tokens to launching the mainnet, maintaining and developing the EOS eco…

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ShadowZone WhitePaper

Our site: http://shadowzone.io/

ShadowZone: Private Smart Contract on Public Blockchain


Blockchain is becoming popular as a distributed and reliable ledger which allows distrustful parties to transact safely without trusting third parties. …

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Game based on EOS: PandaFun WhitePaper

Our site: http://pandafun.io/

PandaFun Game Whitepaper

Blockchain industry has entered its 9th year since the first issue of Bitcoin whitepaper. Although the technology has been recognized worldwide, how to apply the technology into dif…

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EOS Cafe Calgary: Who Should You Vote For?

# Hello EOS Community

After a long week of launching the EOS Mainnet, the EOS voting polls have now been open for almost 48 hours with less than 4% of votes registered. With the soft cap of 15% being etched away at very slowly, EOS Cafe Calgary h…

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ShadowZone: Private Smart Contracts on Public Blockchains

Bitcoin, the first blockchain, was invented for the purpose of allowing individuals to conduct irreversible electronic transactions that do not require the the permission or mediation of any third party, such as banks or governments. Subsequent new blo…

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BP Global Statement

To The EOS Token Holder Community,
As the launch of EOS nears, speculation within the community concerning competing EOS mainnet launches has increased. As one of many Block Producers across the world responsible for organizing a…

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EOS BEIJING block producer candidate introduction


Block Producer Candidate


In recent years, the development of blockchain technology has advanced faster than its practical applications. The balance of EOS performance and decentralization has led us to see the p…

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