I know it has been some time since I’ve posted on Steemit, but I have some exciting news – I have officially accepted an offer from EOS ASIA. I will be joining Dafeng, Joe, and the rest of the team starting today, August 13th.

Some Background

I h…

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MyEOSKit – Full Proxy Integration, Quick Account Info & much more

Today EOS Asia is introducing two significant functions with [MyEOSKit](https://www.myeoskit.com/). We’ve been working for two months to provide the best service available and improving upon what we built. Today, we feel like we’ve reached our first go…

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The Complete Guide For Moving EOS Tokens Off Of Exchanges

> EOS New York is a top 21 Block Producer on the EOS Mainnet. If this guide is helpful to you, please consider voting for ***eosnewyorkio*** and all of the Block Producers that have contributed tools to this guide.

If you are like thousands of othe…

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EOS Asia achievements & MEK (MyEOSKit) your one-stop shop for everything EOS!

Hello again to the EOS and EOS Asia communities! The last few months have been really busy for us here at EOS Asia:

– We created the [EOSGo BP portal for the EOSGo team](https://bp.eosgo.io). The portal is used by all block producer and block produce…

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Deploying your first production EOS DAPP

### [EOS Asia](https://steemit.com/eos-blockproducers/@eos-asia/eos-asia-block-producer-candidacy)

The article is written by [EOS Asia](https://steemit.com/eos-blockproducers/@eos-asia/eos-asia-block-producer-candidacy), Asia’s most technical and inte…

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Introducing MyEOSKit #1: Voting on the EOS Blockchain

## Introducing [MyEOSKit](https://myeoskit.com) Part 1: Easy, Secure, Fast and Beautiful Method to Vote on the EOS Blockchain

The Mainnet is now live and we’ve finally arrived at **Phase #3**:
***Enable: Release joint statement from Block Producer …

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The EOS Mainnet is Live (EN-KR-ZH)

*This is a joint statement from the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG). Look for at least five Block Producers you trust to have published this statement for it to be considered valid.*

# Mission Accomplished
Over the past year, a global community has …

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EOS Mainnet Launch: A New Dawn

# A Long Journey
On 22 May 2017 a software company calling itself Block.One revealed EOS to the world, and (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/blockchain-veterans-announce-eos-blockchain-operating-system-300461176.html) announced their intent …

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EOS Mainnet Launch: Security & Software Testing

**Disclaimer: As a token holder, it is important that you do nothing during this period. Never expose your private key to anyone for any reason. Only when it is formally announced safe by multiple trusted Block Producer Candidates should you attempt …

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EOS Mainnet Launch: The Order of Events (EN-ZH-KR)

# One Mainnet Called EOS.

On May 25th, 2018 the EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG) united under the promise of delivering one mainnet which will be called EOS. In an effort to be as transparent to the community as possible we offer our plan for the lau…

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