La 2da Conferencia de la Comunidad EOS llega a Rio!

> **Nunca dudes que un pequeño grupo de ciudadanos pueden cambiar el mundo; es lo único que alguna vez lo ha hecho**.

*Margaret Mead*

Somos ingenieros, empresarios, representantes, BP, proxies y, sobre todo, creyentes en el impacto positivo de B…

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Configurable inflation to eosio.system contract

EOS Argentina has been working on an upgrade to the system contract that will facilitate the adjustment of the inflation rate.

As we stand today the inflation rate is fixed at 5% and for Block Producers to implement any changes they would need to rep…

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Myles Snider talks about the futuro of Stable Coins

Last wednesday 17th of April EOS Argentina organized a conference to discuss “The EOS Blockchain & Stable Coins”, our special guest was Myles Snider from fellow Block Producer EOS Aurara and an academic who has been following Stable coins since their i…

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EOS Argentina cooperation with eosfinex & Bitfinex

EOS Argentina is really excited to announce an ongoing cooperation with Bitfinex through which we provide code audit and suggestions for their decentralized exchange: eosfinex.

Bitfinex is well advanced in the launch of a state of the art sidechain …

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Complementary Currencies on EOS

Back in 2016, before EOS and EOS Argentina, Matias Romeo (aka elmato) founded a social project to implement a complementary currency that ran on the Bitshares platform, this initiative was called Moneda PAR and it still lives on to this day.

The id…

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The NEWUNREGDUPD Proposal: claiming tokens locked on contracts

Last Year we built the unregistered tool that has allowed over 2,100 accounts to recover their unclaimed tokens. With the help of EOS Authority who provided the GUI ( we have helped EOS users recover their tokens. …

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EOS Argentina End of Year Update.

We have had a very exciting year in 2018, launching the EOS Mainnet and being an EOS Block Producer has been a life changing experience for all of us and we are very happy to be part of this great Community and to have met so many capable and knowledge…

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Announcing Cooperation with EOS Trip!

## Are you looking to travel for the holidays? – Fly with [EOS Trip]( and receive great discounts when paying in EOS!

EOS Argentina is proud to announce the cooperation with another incubated project “EOS Trip”, a travel agency t…

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El lanzamiento de Worbli se aproxima!

EOS Argentina será parte de la primera “sister chain” de EOS. Worbli es una red de servicios financieros (FSN) donde las empresas y los individuos pueden acceder a una amplia gama de servicios. El ecosistema de Worbli aprovecha el software EOSIO y es…

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Tutorial – ¿Cómo obtener tus EOS no registrados?

El día de hoy es un gran día para toda la comunidad de EOS, ya que se aprobó e implementó una actualización al contrato de eosio.unregd, el cual le permite a casi unos 20.000 usuarios que no registraron sus tokens de la red de Ethereum, obtener sus tok…

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