Announcing the LibertyBlock Block Producer Candidacy

LibertyBlock is the fusion of Everipedia, The Dollar Vigilante, and Ikigai Asset Management. Our goal is to be the most transparent, accountable, and cooperative block producer.

We believe that a worldwide technology should have worldwide representa…

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EOS Titan Block Producer Candidacy Announcement

### Public presence

[EOS Titan website](

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GEOS announce to join EOS node Campaign

1. GEOS Introduction
GEOS is registered in Singapore and has offices in Beijing and Shanghai. The team of GEOS are from and Magicwallet (, both of which are well known in BitShares community due to their technology accumula…

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公司总部位于新加坡,并在上海和北京设有办事处。由深耕Bitshares生态并为社区做出卓越贡献的GDEX、鼓鼓钱包联合发起,旨在探索Bitshares生态和EOS生态高效、完美结合。GEOS将专注EOS生态建设,建立开发者社区、孵化项目、帮助项目落地、资产流转、扶持API Server等,并协同其他共建者,共同繁荣EOS大生态。

Learn More Launches Voting Test Portal (for Programmers and Token Holders)

After almost 10 days of hard work by our dedicated developers, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Voting Portal today.Based on our understanding of the voting feature alone with its relevant source code, we built this testing portal to help e…

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EOS.CYBEX’s Response to the New Criteria for EOS BPs: A Three-pronged Strategy

It is widely acknowledged that EOS could greatly enhance the current performance of blockchain and hence result in mass adoption. The global blockchain community is extremely excited about the potential of EOS becoming the “decentralized operating syst…

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What position will EOS.CYBEX take on dividends once elected as a BP?

As a BP candidate of financial independence, EOS.CYBEX hereby declares that under no circumstances will inflation rewards be granted, in any form, to any EOS token voters.

How will EOS.CYBEX distribute annual inflated dividends?

Ⅰ. Maintaining the s…

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OracleChain block producer report II

We are OracleChain team. We are both the EOSIO block producer candidate and the builder of the EOS oracle service infrastructure. We believe that a candidate should be judged more based on what he/she currently does than what he/she claims to be doing….

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EOS Authority: Roadmap & position on dividends

EOS Authority – Block Producer Roadmap
Infrastructure roadmap
Phase 1 – The initial infrastructure will be deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform in the London region. The company itself is an Amazon Partner, our team comprises of AWS cer…

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Introducing EOS Authority: Block Producer candidate

Dear EOS community,
EOS Authority are pleased to humbly announce our candidacy as a Block Producer to the EOS community. EOS Authority is fully self-funded and we will produce blocks, engage the community, develop various tools & DApps. EOS Autho…

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