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Will these 7 big blockchain bullish factors of 2020 push the price of bitcoin to new high?

Time to All In?

With the advent of 2020, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have also established themselves and proved their importance.

Over the past few years, more and more large enterprises, government units and central Banks begun to embrace bloc…

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Blockchain For Drug Tracking?

Blockchain has the capability to be the technology underlying an interoperable system for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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Seoul Launches Blockchain Voting System

Seoul’s new initiative, called Democracy Seoul, is in line with the central government’s vision of establishing a more open platform for discussions between the government and the general public. Blockchain technology will mainly be used to verify the …

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How can I safeguard legal rights?

Everyone watches him grow on the commercial battlefield and lost at last.
This is for Fcoin.

In the afternoon of 17th February 2020, Zhang Jian, the co-founder of crypto currency exchange FCoin, published an announcement after 7 days’ disappearance …

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New EU Law Will Make It Impossible For Banks to Ban Cryptocurrency-Related Transactions

The blockchain sector has always seen regulation as the greatest roadblock. However, the latest instalment of anti-money laundering laws in the European Union could change things.

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UAE Health Industry Taps Blockchain For Tamper-Proof Data Storage .

Department at MoHap reiterated that he firmly believes that the new blockchain-based solution will offer users the highest level of security of their info since it utilizes data encryption verification technology.

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China: Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Rises Blockchain Deployment

Domestic news outlet People’s Daily Online reported that the first two weeks of February, China saw the launch of as much as 20 blockchain-based applications designed to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. Blockchain helps to effectively track ,secure…

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One Million UEFA Tickets To Be Distributed Via Blockchain In 2020

Many sports franchises and event organizers are turning to blockchain for ticketing, as the technology promises to be a highly-effective way to prevent forgery and ensure convenience. To enhance the fan experience, UEFA is set to distribute more than o…

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The Crypto Anthem

The Crypto Anthem is collaboration between mainstream artists and the cryptocurrency industry. This is another step towards blockchain adoption around the world.

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India to embrace blockchain technology for voting system

India has recognized that Blockchain tech can have potential use cases across domains.Election Commission of India is now looking to leverage the blockchain technology to address the issue of lost votes.

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