Month: December 2019

We wish you Happy New Year!

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Exacerbating Lebanese Crisis May Spark Bitcoin Adoption

Harsh withdrawal limits and restricted international transfers enforced by nation’s banks is seen to push the adoption of Bitcoin by nation’s resourceful population.

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Everything you want to know about POOL token is here

1.POOL Introduction
POOL is a full ecological token based on Starteos POOL, with a total supply of 10 million, and the issuance target is Starteos Pool users.

2.POOL has already been listed on exchanges
POOL token is listed on PIZZA DEX and Newdex d…

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Russia’s Central Bank Is Now Testing Real Asset-Pegged Stablecoins

Elvira Nabiullina, Russia’s central bank head, said that the Bank of Russia is exploring the potential uses of stablecoins — cryptocurrencies that are pegged to another asset to prevent the volatility associated with crypto markets.…

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EOS Tribe joins the WAX Network

## EOS Tribe joins the WAX Network

### EOS Tribe announces its decision to joins WAX as Guild candidate.
We bring our accumulated EOSIO technical expertise and already provide Spectrum API for WAX Blockchain.
You can learn more about Spectrum API at…

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Crypto Custodians Grapple With Germany’s New Rules

Custodians that serve German clients are required to procure license and to be licensed the custodians are required to describe the intention to get a license, with BaFin before April 1st and submit an application before Nov 1st.…

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China Uses Blockchain Technology To Issue $2.8 Billion Of Bonds

Chinese Bank has issued 20 Billion CNY worth of bonds utilizing blockchain technology, in an effort to fund small businesses.

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Vitalik Buterin Proposes Faster Transition to Ethereum 2.0

Vitalik Buterin came up with an alternative method to achieve the goal of getting rid of the PoW chain and accelerate the shift to the beacon chain. Vitalik stated that the proposed method required stateless clients, but not stateless miners and not we…

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Logarithmic scale analysis of the entire bitcoin and crypto market, based on data from the past decade, point to the potential for the sum of all digital assets to reach a valuation of $11 trillion by 2023.

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Free CPU Giveaway, everyone gets 50 ms+ free resources!

Free CPU GiftsAlthough block. one team and many BPs have been working on resource allocation and CPU recovery, the EOS mainnet is under somehow congestion currently. MEET.ONE has launched Smooth Mode (or call Decongestion Mode) before to well ease the …

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