Month: September 2019

Cypherglass Announces New Website & Services

As the EOS Ecosystem evolves and changes, many Block Producers have offered new services in addition to simply producing blocks or operating as …

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Staking Economy: Challenges and Solutions for Node Service Providers

If you search for the keywords of this year’s blockchain industry, Staking is definitely on the list.

Staking includes several aspects: From an economic point of view, the staking economy is an incentive model that represents the public …

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EOS Name Service Launches Marketplace.
Cypherglass has launched the EOS Name Service Marketplace Beta, and we already have hundreds of listings.

Read our user guide here to get starte…

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Introducing Spectrum Streaming API for EOSIO

# Introducing Spectrum streaming API for EOSIO

Logo courtesy of @anemonia art .

EOS Tribe introduces streaming API for EOSIO chains to allow dApp developers to subscribe and receive events in real time for certain accounts only.

Spectrum API sup…

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The EOSIO Financial DistrictEOS42 is joining the WORBLI blockchain. WORBLI is the “financial district” of EOSIO. By providing a globally compliant hub for financial applications and enterprise, WORBLI is uniquely positioned to break the glass ceiling f…

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Staking — Frequently Asked Questions

Staking was born out of the POS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. It is a unique action in the PoS consensus. The cryptocurrency holder actively participates in the network system through staking, protects the network security and also implement…

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To Stake or Not to Stake? Risks and Precautions Associated with Staking

As staking has become a new trend in the crypto industry, it’s important to mention the risks associated with cryptocurrency staking.
1. Slashing risk
When your validators break the rule, they will get punished by the network, which is also known as sl…

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ICON P-Rep Voting Guide, Risks and Precautions Associated with Staking, and more

The thesis elaborates the importance of financial and technological infrastructure in the blockchain space and explains the roles of supply-side infrastructure providers.

It concludes, “PoS, as well as Staking-as-a-Service …

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The Week at Cypherglass — Infrastructure Team Update — September 8th, 2019

Thanks for checking out this week’s infrastructure update. Summer here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States is winding to an end, and w…

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My reflection on EOS history and current state

# My reflection on EOS history and current state
It has been a roller-coaster year and I think it’s a good point in time to reflect on this History and share my personal opinion on a state of EOS Blockchain today.

It all started with a small comm…

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