Month: July 2019

Cypherglass East Meets West AMA Series is Live on YouTube

At Cypherglass we provide many things to the EOS community. As outlined in our recent 1 Year Post, we feel we bring value from all angles to the network.

Now, we have embarked on a new mission; connecting the East and the West. There are topics lost i…

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InfStones Bi-weekly Report #2

Current Staking Yields(7/26/2019)

What’s New on Staking

2Q19 (2019 Q2) Crypto Retrospective Report: Crypto Staking up 790% YTD

InfStones’ partner, Circle (Circle Team), published 2Q19 (2019 Q2) Crypto Retrospective Report on July 26th.

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Towards A More Equitable EOS Ecosystem

Two Improvements to the EOS Block Producer Voting EcosystemIn just a year since the mainnet launch, EOS has gone from an idea to a thriving network housing dozens of dApps. That success is due in large part to the efforts of capable Block Producers (BP…

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This Week at Cypherglass — Infrastructure Team Update — July 29th, 2019

It’s been a pretty quiet week in the EOS and Cypherglass world. B1 released an alpha version of some new history tools. The new tools introduce …

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EOS Nation’s EOS Hot Sauce #15, LiquidApps, BOScore, EE Proxy, PredIQt, Veles, Parsl, DAC Factory, Karma, BOID, TokenYield, HireVibesEOSIOIn the second part of their strategic vision series, introduced several initiatives and tools they are developing or already …

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Everything You Need to Know About Namespace Bidding On EOS

Namespace bidding is already a hot topic on EOS. Are users able to snag themselves a custom vanity account name, or bid on a high level domain name such as .com or .eos? Let’s discuss what you need to know to get the coolest account name on EOS.


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What You Need To Know About Exchanges Voting on EOS

A hot topic issue that has been getting a lot of attention in the EOS ecosystem is exchanges voting for Block Producers, and the very hypothetical case that a malicious exchange could use their users’ tokens without their consent. At EOS Canada, we wan…

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Code Of Conduct

EOS Canada would like to take a moment to reflect on the values we hold dear, and on the standards we’d like the community to hold us to.
We believe that the ability to implement human governance concepts into the software base layer is a st…

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Q&A – Why Do I Need RAM For My EOS Account?

Alexandre explains how RAM is used as the main storage layer in EOS. There is a resource limiting system in EOS that makes it so that if you write a transaction to the chain – like to create a new account – it needs to store some data in RAM.


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Q&A – How Do I Use Permissions To Protect My Account On EOS?

Alexandre walks through the permissions system within EOS. Permissions can be used to control different security features and operation allowances of an account.

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