Month: June 2019

MEET.ONE Wallet is officially 1! Win 1 million MEET.ONE~

On June 30th last year, we officially launched MEET.ONE Wallet. We are excited to announce today is the 1st anniversary of MEET.ONE Wallet launch .To thank all community members’ warmly supports, we would deliver 1 million MEETONE airdrop!Activity 1: L…

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Introducing EOS Nation Ambassador | Dimitar Dzhurenov| Sofia, Bulgaria

To help in our quest to build a global EOSIO community, EOS Nation has assembled a team of passionate Ambassadors who connect us to various communities around the world. Today we are happy to welcome Dimitar Dzhurenov from Sofia, Bulgaria to our team o…

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DAC Weekly Recap #7

Custodian News This week’s Custodian Board (Custodians are re-elected every 7 days! If you want to engage in running eosDAC and make decisions for it, stake a minimum of 35000 EOSDAC and register yourself as a candidate on

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The EOS Metro: A Manufacturing Update

We traveled to the assembly supplier to view the process of assembly and QC first-hand.The EOS Metro hardware key is turning out to be the easiest to use open-source hardware key that will be compatible with nearly all EOSIO chains.In order to ensure t…

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Q&A – Hard Forks on an EOS Blockchain – Should I Be Worried?

What’s up with hard forks on EOS?
On EOS, we’re really lucky to have system contract-based upgrades. That means a boat-load of features are defined in a smart contract, in the, sort of, empty can that the blockchain is. 
Core features live in the …

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Q&A – Microforks – Everything You Need to Know About Microforks on an EOS Blockchain

Microforks can happen on any blockchain. Alexandre explains what a microfork is, when one would happen, and why it would happen. Still have questions? Join us in our Telegram channel
Microforks. Between different producers.
In this video, we’re going t…

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EOS Referendum System – BETA Testing Is Now Open

Scenario ID
Scenario Description
Expected Result


UserA does not cast a vote

No change to vote tally 

 UserA casts a vote of No
 Vote tally for 0 would increase by the total weight staked by UserA

 UserA casts a …

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The EOS Podcast – The EOS You Don’t Hear About

Brandon Parker, also known as HappyMoneyMan, invited Alexandre Bourget to his podcast “The EOS Podcast” to discuss all things EOS. They focused on our new dfuse API, sidechains and interblockchain communication, decentralization and when it adds value,…

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What Are EOSIO System Accounts and What Do They Each Do?

Keen observers will have noticed that on the EOS blockchain there are system accounts that control various functions. These are all denominated by the prefix eosio.*. At EOS Canada, we felt it would be useful to provide an overview of which system acco…

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Deploying to a System Account

Months ago, EOS Canada began work on a smart contract to fulfill the promise of on-chain referenda for the EOS mainnet. The contract is now ready to become a system contract. We have created a multisig proposal for review by Block Producers…

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