Related articles Referendum Contract Update

EOS Canada has taken the lead in writing the code that drives the referendum system that is being proposed for the EOS mainnet. As such, we wanted to put out a post to highlight how we got here and what has been done. had proposed to create a…

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What position will EOS.CYBEX take on dividends once elected as a BP?

As a BP candidate of financial independence, EOS.CYBEX hereby declares that under no circumstances will inflation rewards be granted, in any form, to any EOS token voters.

How will EOS.CYBEX distribute annual inflated dividends?

Ⅰ. Maintaining the s…

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The EOS User Agreement has been proposed on-chain.

The EUA would replace the interim constitution on EOS EOS New York is requesting approval from the EOS Block Producers to replace the interim constitution with the EOS User Agreement. The EUA has been proposed in Chinese, Korean, and English. Source: The EOS User Agreement has been proposed on-chain.

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