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Referendum Voting From an Air Gapped Computer

One fear that some large token holders may have around voting for on-chain referendums is the need to pull out their private keys if they are securely stored. With many accounts having never performed any actions since the launch of the chain, we belie…

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More Resource on EOS Mainnet with ONE-LINE Code Change

## Background

As EOS dapps gaining more and more traction and usage, we see a surging demand of EOS resources such as CPU, NET and RAM.

And that’s why EOSLaoMao team decided to build [Bank of Staked](, an EOS resource (CPU&NET) vending machine, to lower the resource cost of both EOS developers and users.

While we building Bank of Staked, we have taken detailed examinations and tests to system contract(eosio.system). Things like customizing refund duration from 3 days to 1 minute to test auto-refund functionality for Bank of Staked.

## The `unstaking EOS` Reusing Feature

During this process, we(and many others) have found a behavior or a feature that current system contract provides:

If you use `delegatebw` to stake for yourself, it will reuse `unstaking EOS`(EOS that will auto refund to your account in 3 days) to stake for your account first. It will use `EOS in your balance` only if `unstaking EOS` is inadequate for your staking operation.

Lets see an example:

Say we have an EOS account `eoslaomaocom` with `200 EOS in balance` and another `300 EOS unstaking`, something like this:

$ cleos get account eoslaomaocom

EOS balances:
liquid: 200.0000 EOS
staked: 0.0000 EOS
unstaking: 300.0000 EOS
total: 500.0000 EOS

Now lets stake `400 EOS` for CPU to `eoslaomaocom`:

cleos system delegatebw eoslaomaocom eoslaomaocom “0 EOS” “400 EOS”

Here is the output we gonna get:

executed transaction: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 144 bytes 893 us
# eosio Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 5.18.05 PM.png

[eosio.system/src/delegate_bandwidth.cpp code diff](…EOSLaoMao:laomao/v1.5.1-reuse-unstaking)

We have did a thorough test of this change on our local testnet, it worked as expected. We are planning to test it on CryptoKylin test pretty soon. And we are happy to hear feedbacks of your test results.

If further tests and discussions are all good, we are looking to submit a PR to deploy this change to EOS Mainnet.

We believe this change will release more resource to EOS Mainnet and lower the resource cost eventually, or at least in a short term.

by EOSLaoMao Tech Team.

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The opponent voice to UBI(URI) from Chinese EOS community

About Project of UBI, there are lots of discussions from Chinese EOS Alliance group. The following are some brilliant comments from Guangshu who opposes to UBI.

1. Except a few sporadic experiments, the project UBI has never been proved right. The aim…

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