Month: March 2019

EOS Voter Bounties Update

Korean and Chinese version belowEOS Voter Bounties (EVB) began with a vision to pool votes in order to “fund” the development of important EOS infrastructure that lacks post development monetary returns. The EOS community quickly rallied behind the ide…

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EOS Argentina cooperation with eosfinex & Bitfinex

EOS Argentina is really excited to announce an ongoing cooperation with Bitfinex through which we provide code audit and suggestions for their decentralized exchange: eosfinex.

Bitfinex is well advanced in the launch of a state of the art sidechain …

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Complementary Currencies on EOS

Back in 2016, before EOS and EOS Argentina, Matias Romeo (aka elmato) founded a social project to implement a complementary currency that ran on the Bitshares platform, this initiative was called Moneda PAR and it still lives on to this day.

The id…

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Dive Into IRISnet: Powering Cross-Chain Business

IRISnet is a blockchain network designed to build a foundation for next-generation distributed business applications. As named after Iris, the Greek goddess and faithful messenger between heaven and humanity, IRISnet enables cross-chain interoperabilit…

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Preparing your VISA for Tulip & BP Summit

Getting ReadyThe BP summit & one year anniversary party is right around the corner. Tulip will be jam packed with events during the week of June 3rd, 2019. Block Producers, dApps, and other key EOSIO players from around the world are coming to the …

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Hyperion History API Solution

History API is arguably the most pressing issue on EOS Main Net for a few months now. dApps, block explorers, and wallets must consult historical information to work properly, and running a full history on EOS Main Net became expensive, complex and …

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Theta: Decentralized Streaming Platform

As video streaming accounting for an increasing part of Internet traffic today, how to delivery videos with high streaming quality and low costs becomes a big challenge for the industry. Through building an innovative peer-to-peer delivery protocol wit…

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BP Summit 2019: Building the Future Together

The 2nd annual Block Producer Summit will be held in San Francisco, CA on June 6th. Tulip and EOS42 are organizing the event to specifically focus on helping BPs achieve their personal, and mutual goals. We envision providing a setting that nurtures co…

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