Month: March 2019

EOS Voter Bounties Update

Korean and Chinese version belowEOS Voter Bounties (EVB) began with a vision to pool votes in order to “fund” the development of important EOS infrastructure that lacks post development monetary returns. The EOS community quickly rallied behind the ide…

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EOS Argentina cooperation with eosfinex & Bitfinex

EOS Argentina is really excited to announce an ongoing cooperation with Bitfinex through which we provide code audit and suggestions for their decentralized exchange: eosfinex.

Bitfinex is well advanced in the launch of a state of the art sidechain …

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Complementary Currencies on EOS

Back in 2016, before EOS and EOS Argentina, Matias Romeo (aka elmato) founded a social project to implement a complementary currency that ran on the Bitshares platform, this initiative was called Moneda PAR and it still lives on to this day.

The id…

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The DAC Factory

From the very beginning of our existence, we’ve worked hard as a community-owned block producer and DAC enabler. As part of enabling Decentralized Autonomous Communities, we’ve been working on open-source EOS smart contracts, APIs, and front-end tools to run eosDAC. Over time we plan to make them available and easy to use to a larger audience interested in using DAC technology for their own projects and communities. The benefits of elected custodian multi-signature permissions alone are truly valuable!

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EOS Mainnet Monitoring Weekly Report|2019.03.18-2019.03.24–by EOSBIXIN

**From 2019.03.18 to 2019.03.24, the major statistics of mainnet EOS:**

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Introducing self-hosted EOS API Proxy service

#### We at EOS Tribe realize a need for EOS related web projects to call back to it’s own server to satisfy strict CORS requirements across all browsers.

#### We have implemented for our own needs a full API proxy service that provides mirror endpo…

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eosDAC invites you to EOS Alliance Chinese Community Meeting featuring Michael Yeates

eosDAC team members will be partnering with the EOS Alliance to transform the Alliance into a decentralized autonomous non-profit organization (DAO – same as DAC) run entirely on the EOS blockchain. (Read the post)

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EOS Tribe adds James Elegante as Legal Counsel

#### EOS Tribe realizes a need to navigate ever changing and complex legal environment in order to survive and continue to innovate as an International Blockchain company.
We are adding to our team James Elegante as a Legal Counsel to help us nav…

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EOS Mainnet Monitoring Weekly Report|2019.03.11-2019.03.17–by EOSBIXIN

**From 2019.03.11 to 2019.03.17, the major statistics of mainnet EOS:**

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Dive Into IRISnet: Powering Cross-Chain Business

IRISnet is a blockchain network designed to build a foundation for next-generation distributed business applications. As named after Iris, the Greek goddess and faithful messenger between heaven and humanity, IRISnet enables cross-chain interoperabilit…

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