Month: February 2019

Analysis of Dash Blockchain

1. Consensus and Governance
Dash is an open-source cryptocurrency, and an altcoin forked from the Bitcoin protocol. Inherited from the original blockchain network, miners secure the blockchain through Proof of Work (PoW). The important ad…

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Block Producer Summit & One Year Anniversary Party

Forging EOS Community TraditionsThe Tulip Conference returns to San Francisco for a weeklong series of events, starting June 3rd, 2019. Industry experts from around the world will be gathering to share their insights about cutting edge developments in …

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Opt-in Account Recovery

Korean and Chinese Version BelowScalable Solution for Account RecoveryHow to effectively address the issue of hacked accounts on a public blockchain is riddled philosophical contradiction. One of the core advantages of a public blockchain is immutabili…

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Proposed Solution For a Broken Blacklist

[Chinese & Korean Version Below]EOSIO has a feature that allows Block Producers to blacklist accounts. 21/21 producing BPs need to blacklist an account in order for the blacklist to function properly. Several accounts have been blacklisted on the b…

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The NEWUNREGDUPD Proposal: claiming tokens locked on contracts

Last Year we built the unregistered tool that has allowed over 2,100 accounts to recover their unclaimed tokens. With the help of EOS Authority who provided the GUI ( we have helped EOS users recover their tokens. …

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Exciting Partnership Announcement for Infinity Stones & IoTeX

Infinity Stones is thrilled to announce that a partnership with IoTeX: an interoperable, auto-scalable, privacy-centric blockchain platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). As we continue to expand our footprint in the blockchain industry, Infinity Stones is working to bring together the best partners and utilizing our expertise to advance the blockchain technology.

IoTeX aims to bring autonomous device coordination to the masses by “connecting the physical world, block by block”. Its team implemented an innovative blockchain-in-blockchain architecture combined with fast and robust Roll-DPoS consensus algorithm and lightweight privacy-preserving technologies to address the challenges in the IoT space.

As a technical partner of IoTeX, Infinity Stones will participate in the Delegates Program and run consensus on behalf of the network. We have extensive experience hosting DPoS/PoS nodes on various blockchains and have set up the appropriate infrastructure to support the IoTeX platform. We appreciate the confidence IoTeX foundation has placed in us; we will do our best to provide technical assistance to the community as a Consensus Delegate. Learn more on our delegate webpage here.

This partnership strategically aligns with Infinity Stones’ focus on providing secured and highly available infrastructure for Blockchain while strengthening our technologies and growing business. We are excited about the opportunity and look forward to working with IoTeX and their fantastic team.

About Infinity Stones

Infinity Stones a Silicon Valley based technology company, providing cloud management services and security solutions for Blockchains.




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JEDA Partners with Infinito Wallet, the World-Leading Universal Wallet!

JEDA (Japan EOS Developer Association),is honored to announce our partnership with Infinito Wallet. Through this technology collaboration, JEDA and Infinito Wallet, will bring greater value not only to our respective communities but also for the g…

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Rewriting regproducer

Protecting EOS together[Korean and Chinese Version Below]Foreword: This paper would not be possible without the dedicated, and passionate work of EOS community members. EOS42 is thankful for everyone who shared their feedback and thoughts about this dr…

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Say hello to Fresh votes bot :)

Did you know that as time passes, your voting power on the EOS platform decays? Therefore, if you want to vote with your full power, it’s important to update your votes often. In fact, the total voting decay on EOS now close to 9% which is much highe…

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How to proxy your vote using SimplEOS 0.7.2

EOS Rio team is working hard on the 0.7.3, but you can already use SimplEOS for proxy voting. It is quite simple, just follows these steps:

1- Go to “Contracts” section and search for “eosio”. Click on it.

2- Choose “voteproducer” on the contract a…

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