Month: November 2018

Analysis of NuCypher Economics

NuCypher is a decentralized blockchain privacy layer that functions as a key management system. It allows users to share private data on public networks securely and scalable, through the power of Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE).
Traditionally, sharing …

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EOS Rio goes green \o/

EOS Rio joins the sustainable movement created by @eosauthority for a carbon neutral EOS Blockchain. This initiative is a collaboration with ClimateCare, a certified B corporation.

53 Block Producers already joined this movement. It aims to offset t…

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CPU, NET & RAM — The raw materials of the EOS economy

CPU, NET & RAM — The raw materials of the EOS economyEOS is pioneering a new digital economy, and like any economy, it requires raw materials for the production of goods and services. The commodities used to build and interact with finished product…

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Announcing Cooperation with EOS Trip!

## Are you looking to travel for the holidays? – Fly with [EOS Trip]( and receive great discounts when paying in EOS!

EOS Argentina is proud to announce the cooperation with another incubated project “EOS Trip”, a travel agency t…

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Come listen to experts on the goings-on in the highly visible topic of EOS Governance!
Paving the way to achieving proper formal rules for life, liberty and property is complicated business!
With BPs in attendance, things are bound to get interesting–p…

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Cannon Hard-core : Vote for My Favorite BP(Round 3)

# Cannon Hard-core :
# Vote for My Favorite BP(Round 3)

As a BP that is known for its strength in the community, Stimulated the power of token holders from EOS Cannon community is a direction we have been working on. Therefore, we called for volunte…

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EOS Hackathon: San Francisco 2018 roundup

“Build an #eosio app that fosters a fundamental competitive advantage by implementing a business model that aligns interests among stakeholders and/or drives more value back to users.”That was the directive as nearly 500 enthusiastic problem-solvers co…

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Announcement: Further Investigation Results

Update: 21st Nov 2018, 04:00 UTC, a claim from GiggleAll was received.Based on his story, the transaction was performed using the ‘gizdkmjvhege’ testing account on test net and subsequently posted on Github. This happened during the exploit.Therefore, …

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Announcement Regarding Recent Exploit Event

Dear EOS Community,This is an official announcement by EOSIO.SG, a Singapore-based BP. Since conception, we have and will always continue to dedicate ourselves to contributing to the EOS ecosystem and are honoured to be part of the BP community.Account…

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ブリッジレポート #1




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