Month: August 2018

EOS Silicon Valley gets behind the EOS Alliance

# EOS Silicon Valley gets behind the EOS Alliance

EOS Silicon Valley believes the EOS alliance will provide a critical missing piece in the EOS governance model and drive community engagement and ultimately EOS adoption.

Below is just an excerpt fr…

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EOS Sw/eden Stands By the Alliance

## EOS Sw/eden is proud to stand by the EOS Alliance, a new organization dedicated to facilitating community decisions towards building EOS as the best blockchain on the planet.

### While Sw/eden has issued a shared statement below, in solidarity w…

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EOS Mega Update Vol 9: New TPS record, EOS/ETH ratio, EOS proxy voter information, No more SEOS token, Resource Exchange Telegram Group, Projects switching from Ethereum to EOS, Where’s the audit?, Everipedia info, New EOSIO software version 1.2.0

• New TPS record

• The price of EOS per ETH over time

• The price of EOS per BTC over time

• EOS proxy voter inform…

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EOS sw/eden Stockholm Meetup 23/8 2018


We are excited to invite you to meet and mingle with the Eos sw/eden team and our ever growing communitty of enthusiasts and developers!

We’ll reside at Meeting Room in central Stockholm, Kungsholmen.
With us will also be Everipedia, Kry…

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Remarks on EOS governance and BP ownership disclosure

Following recent calls for “block producer compliance” made publicly by certain members of the EOS community, we would like to further expand EOS Titan’s position on the question of our ownership disclosure and compliance with the regproducer ricardi…

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I know it has been some time since I’ve posted on Steemit, but I have some exciting news – I have officially accepted an offer from EOS ASIA. I will be joining Dafeng, Joe, and the rest of the team starting today, August 13th.

Some Background

I h…

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OracleChain BPC Statement of ownership

OracleChain BPC is a Block Producer Candidates which is owned and self-funded independently by its co-founders as below:
Harvey Zhao
John Tan
Andrew Song

Our co-founders are based in Beijing, China.

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Improvements to our Voter and Proxy tools

Aloha friends,

We’re pleased to announce some changes to our tools that we’d like to call to your attention. As you may know we have our [EOS Block Producer Research Portal]( which shows BP rank and other information in a…

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MyEOSKit – Full Proxy Integration, Quick Account Info & much more

Today EOS Asia is introducing two significant functions with [MyEOSKit]( We’ve been working for two months to provide the best service available and improving upon what we built. Today, we feel like we’ve reached our first go…

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EOS Silicon Valley – East Meet West Series – StartEOS: Promoting Blockchain Technology for the Real Economy

## [EOS Silicon Valley]( – Chinese BP Interview #5 StartEOS: Creating Value for the EOS Ecosystem

This is the fifth blog in the East meet west Series from EOS Silicon Valley. This time we are pleased to invite StartEOS to share their EOS …

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