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My name is Elias, I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA) and here’s a link to my introductory steemit post. I’m learning about EOS and want to see this positive project succeed. I really like Dan Larimer’s writings and I also believe that to achieve great outcomes we must live, THINK and exist on a higher level.  I have not read Nonviolent Communication (from Larimers recommended reading list), but I subscribe to what I believe the non-violence concept contains. One fantastic non-violent tool is transparency, which is what I aim to add to the EOS world with EOSVoters.com.

In addition to EOS Voters, I’m hoping to create a EOS explorer at EOSQL.com.

I read pretty much everything in the EOS Watchdogs Telegram group, and you’ll see me occasionally inquire in the EOSGov group. I’ve created a Telegram group named EOS Voters, to geek out about and shape the policy concepts.

If you are a BP and want to email me a correctection, please send me a link to a published document or new RSS feed:v

  • info@ this domain eosvoters.com
  • reply to one of my messages in the EOS Block Pros
  • reply in EOS Voters telegram group

Follow EOSVoters at:

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