EOS Tribe + EOS USA launch Spectrumeos.io

## EOS Tribe and EOS USA launches **https://spectrumeos.io**
### as a main hub for Spectrum API documentation.

### Spectrum API is open source: https://github.com/EOSTribe/websocket-endpoint

#### Available Spectrum endpoints at the time of this …

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All-into-one Crypto Exchange: MEX, Top 5 Benefits you shouldn’t miss out!

Since the launch of “MEX” this September, it has become increasingly sought-after in the Chinese community. A big part of this success is due to the novel mode of aggregated trading. Meanwhile, more and more foreign users begin to know about MEX and sp…

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Democracy needs an upgrading — digital technologies (Blockchain in particular) can show the way.

# An outlook from South America

For the last month South America has been immersed in convulsion. It all started in Peru, where a conflict between the President (which, in turn, had taken office after the resignation of the originally elected Presiden…

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Microservice Security Agent Based On API Gateway

This blog is a summary of the paper on “Microservice Security Agent Based On API Gateway in Edge Computing“ by Rongxu and peers. The paper aims to integrate edge computing platforms with an API gateway to provide edge computing clients with a secure au…

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MEMKEN is advocating the blockchain mass adoption in eCommerce

The MEMKEN team recently launched a Gift Card plugin on Shopify, the third-largest US eCommerce company.More than 1,000,000 Shopify merchants worldwide are now accessible to the blockchain based Gift Card application.Gift card ledger is managed and ver…

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Quickstart Guide for Using MEET.ONE Wallet

MEET.ONE wallet is developed by MEET.ONE team, one of the Top 21 BPs of EOS. With only one wallet, users can simultaneously register and manage different public chain accounts, including EOS, ETH, Cosmos, Binance, and MEET.ONE,etc. All private keys of …

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Recalling the Cash Cycle Organization

Cash cycles are similar around the world, there are subtle differences in setups such as the roles in the cash cycle and how the cash cycle is organized. This article recalls the fundamental structure of the Cash Cycle Organization: http://bit.ly/2OFoE8s

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Block.one to Begin Voting, What Changes may Bring to EOS Community?

Recently, Block.one announced that they will ultimately begin participating in block producer voting, playing their proportional role in promoting the healthy development of the EOS network. The news has sparked heated discussions in both the western a…

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Invite your friends to get ‘MOON MONEY CHAIN (MM)’ tokens


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Chance to win upto 30 USDT for spreading the goodness!


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